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I started a new website called Flat Earth Friends!
The purpose of this website is to give flat earthers a platform to share information and find people inside of the flat earth community. Beta testing can start now, signup today and help me make this website great. I need your input and comments so I can keep improving this website as it grows. Right now all the basic things should work, here are a few things you will get when you join:

- your own profile / dynamic webpage
- find other flat earthers from all over the plane
- communicate with other people through private messages
- make friends with other members and see what they are doing
- upload your pictures to your profile
- share information and youtube videos with other members

It's free! Go check it out on

If you look up into the sky it seems that the earth stays in one place, while everything in the sky seems to rotate around it. However according to heliocentrism it's the earth that is rotating and creating this effect. For the last 500 years everyone agrees with this model and noone questions it. I used to be the same but in early 2015 I found a video that made me question this whole belief. I started to do some research thinking it would be easy to prove that heliocentrism is correct but ... it turned out to be a impossible thing! If you like to believe NASA or any other space agency it's easy to prove heliocentrism but I lost my trust in NASA a few years ago while researching the moon landings. The more research I did the more I was proving the earth to be flat. For every topic I researched I gave up after a while failing to prove the globe and moving on to the next topic. For a few months I was obsessed researching the flat earth and was spending many hours each day on this. After around 2 months I was convinced the earth is not a globe and decided to start a youtube channel to spread the message and encourage other people to help me and many others research the heliocentrism belief. And now ... a website also !! :)


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